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Ultimate Hospital Birth Bag Checklist

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

So there are like 43 million hospital bag lists on the internet, but I think that my experience as a Doula and my attendance at so many births has given me a unique perspective on what you will ACTUALLY use, and what you can leave at home. Before we talk about what should go inside the bag, lets first look at what type of bag you should consider. You have to imagine who will be carrying this bag for starters, what is their ability level? I have found that a rolling bag like this one* has a lot of space and it is easy to maneuver for most anyone. It also has tons of pockets for separating things! I personally carry a backpack as your Doula because it has lots of organizational pockets, is comfortable, and leaves both hands free to assist you to the Labor and Delivery unit.

Ideally, you want one bag that is big enough to hold you, your partner, and your baby's things. Moving one bag is easier than three or four different ones. The biggest mistake I see first time parents making is thinking that they will need so many things, that they end up looking like they are moving in. It ends up not getting used, and mostly getting in the way of you finding the things you actually do need. Not to mention, recovery rooms are S.M.A.L.L. You don't have room for multiple bags. So without further ado, let's get into the good stuff! I'm going to separate the list into sections, so be sure to read to the end. If there is something I have a favorite of, it'll have a (*) next to it with a link you can check out!


What the Birthing Person needs:


What the Partner Needs


Things Baby Will Need


Things I Bring As The Doula


So as you can see, this is a much shorter list compared to most, and honestly, this is all you really might use! You may not even open your bag until after the baby is born, because let's be real.. The only thing you really NEED to give birth is your body, and you've already got that!

*If you aren't planning to have a doula, you may want to consider some of the things on my list for added comfort measures.

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