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Doula Service 

After attending a free consultation with me,  we will meet again on two separate occasions. During those two visits, you will share your wishes and desires for your birth. We will create a birth plan together that meets all of your needs and work alongside each other to prepare you to reach those goals. The visits are in your home and usually last about 2 hours. You will be able to guide the talks, and I will share information to meet you where you are and fill in any gaps. We will cover the basics of childbirth options at our visits and you will learn hands-on techniques to use during your labor.

Once you sign my contract, I am on call for you 24/7 awaiting your call that labor has begun. I will meet you where you are and start providing support in whatever way is needed. I use many different elements in my work as a Doula such as massage, acupressure, affirmations, physical, emotional, and spiritual support. I am there to do anything to help your labor go as smoothly as possible. 

I am now also offering birth photography to help capture your special moments! 
I stay with you through the birth and then leave when you are settled and ready to rest.

Within the first two weeks, you will receive two more visits from me. At these visits, we will go through any pictures that were taken and talk about your birth story. We will discuss feeding choices, and I can help you with latching, pumping, bottle feeding, and everything in between. We will also go over newborn care and postpartum care for yourself.

Please visit the Postpartum page to see what types of things I offer after the birth!

After those last two visits, I am available as a Postpartum Doula, and I can continue to work with you, or I am always available to you as a sounding board or for advice, and as a friend. 

What You Can Expect From Me

  • You can expect me to be non-judgmental, straight forward, kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

  • You can feel safe in your choices, knowing that I provide evidence-based facts.

  • Experience working with many different birthing styles and family structures.  

  • Fun and engaging information

  • Complete trust in your body's ability to birth your baby in whatever way you choose.

  • Support for the whole family before during and after the new member arrives.

  • Access to my Lending Library

  • Special perks! 

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