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Birth: Illuminated
Lighting Your Way to Confident Birth

The Series
That Changes
Your Birth

What to expect...

This is a hybrid course, so it works great for people who cannot commit to a several weeks long series. We will meet 3 times, live on Zoom, and then once in-person to discover hands on comfort measures, labor positions and solidify your understanding of topics previously discussed. 
After class, you'll receive access to a file full of materials from class, printables, and cheat sheets for labor. 

Zoom Class 1 

In the first class, we will cover topics ranging from late pregnancy, preparing for labor mentally, physically, and practically, ways labor can begin, early stages of labor, anatomy & physiology, fetal positioning, and more.

Zoom Class 2

We will discuss each stage of labor, how it unfolds, physiological birth, interventions, labor positions, dysfunctions of labor and how to correct them, how to avoid tearing, pain management, partner support tips and more. 

Zoom Class 3

Our last Zoom session will cover topics such as early postpartum expectations, cord clamping, the Golden Hour, newborn tests, procedures and medication options, feeding options, care for mom and baby,  and more. 

In Person Class

In the in person class we will practice hands on comfort measures, labor positions, and complete activities that will further your understanding of topics discussed in the Zoom sessions. 

If you’d like more information about classes, get in touch today.

Why a Hybrid Class? 

Attending a birthing class can significantly boost your confidence in your ability to give birth according to your preferences. Pregnancy can be overwhelming, with countless decisions to make, from choosing a healthcare provider and birthing location to navigating the birthing process itself. This comprehensive class addresses these topics and more, equipping you with the knowledge and readiness you need for this transformative experience.


This birth class was exactly what I needed! Me and my husband work opposite schedules and he was able to listen in from his phone at work. He didn't feel left out and we both feel so much more prepared for labor. 


I didn't think I needed a class but decided to take one anyways. Boy was I wrong!! I learned so much from Kirsten's class that I cannot imagine going into labor without knowing what I know now. I feel so confident that I can stand up for what I want, now that I actually know what I want! 


I found myself unable to attend a 6-week series due to work and travel so this hybrid class was a perfect fit. This class is so thorough and I learned so much. Kirsten was great at explaining things and I truly feel like I am ready to give birth whereas before I was scared. Definitely recommend taking this class! 
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