Childbirth Education

Options to fit your lifestyle

4 Week Series

  • You are a first-time parent

  • It has been a few years since your last child

  • You want an in-depth, comprehensive experience

  • You want a group setting

  • You want to make connections with other parents​

2 Day Intensive

  • You are short on time​

  • You've taken a full birth class in the past and want a refresher 

  • You may have given birth before​

  • You want to make connections with other parents

  • You want a group setting

In-Home Class

  • You want to choose the schedule

  • You would like a more private setting

  • You are on bed rest and cannot attend a class out of your home

  • You want a more personalized approach 

  • You want siblings or grandparents to attend

Online Class Options

Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, I am now offering a fully interactive, live childbirth education series. 

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  • Group classes or private classes available

  • Meet at our scheduled time or watch the replay

  • Homework, printables, coloring pages, and activities

  • Completely modernized materials

  • Inclusive, trauma-informed, and relatable

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Group Classes - $200 

Private Classes - $250