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Mother Blessing:

This ceremony takes place near the end of pregnancy. Everyone has heard of baby showers, but not very often do we take time to honor the mother rather than the baby. The Mother Blessing is a tradition that originated with the Navajo people but has been adapted to fit any culture. It can be completely customized to your preferences, but a few of the things that are typically included are: bath with milk and honey, or herbs, foot soak and massage, presenting of a flower crown, stringing a bracelet or necklace with beads brought by the guests, cleansing of all participants with sage, or water, sharing letters of love and encouragement, presenting the mother with gifts such as plants, books, art, music, etc., sharing a meal together, and so much more. 

Closing the Bones:

It is believed by many cultures that the act of childbirth opens you in many ways. Just like your body is physically opened, your mind and spirit are open as well. The Closing of the Bones ceremony is a celebration of your transformation, thanking your body, nurturing yourself so that you can feel your best as you move forward into motherhood. This can be done after each baby, and is usually performed within the first 3 weeks, but can be done anytime. The ceremony can be customized to your preferences, but a few of the things you can expect are internal herbal steam to bring the heat back to your body, a foot soak & massage, flower crown, aromatherapy, wrapping the body to align and close the pelvis, uterine massage to stimulate shrinkage, as well as hand and leg massage. The mother is then left wrapped for a period of time to allow her to relax, and integrate the experience. She is then unwrapped, gifts may be presented at this time if requested, and I prepare a meal to be shared among guests. 

Belly Binding:

Also known as Bengkung Belly Binding, this tradition has its roots in Malaysia, but has been adapted and used in many other cultures. Binding the torso after pregnancy has many benefits, some of which are better posture which is especially helpful for breastfeeding, getting back to your pre-baby shape faster, lowering discomfort in the back and hips, among other things. Choosing a Bengkung style bind over the more common store-bought "waist trainer" style is a better option because it binds you from your bottom all the way up to under the breasts, not just your stomach, it is much more comfortable, it is hand made with love just for you, and I can use any color combination you desire, they are much more stylish than a waist trainer, they can even be worn over a nursing tank! Binds are usually applied within 2 days after vaginal birth or after stitches are healed from a cesarean birth. Binds are worn during your waking hours and taken off at bedtime. 


Belly Casting:

There is no better way to commemorate your pregnancy than to get a belly cast made. This is a once-in-a-lifetime keepsake that you can look back on for years to come. I bring everything to you, set up, and clean up. All you have to do is sit in a chair for about 30 minutes. I take the cast home with me to sand and seal and apply any artistic touches you desire. Options are limitless!

Casts are best when done between 35-37 weeks, but call ahead to schedule today!

Placenta Print Art

I can create several different prints of your placenta. Did you know each placenta is as unique as a fingerprint? These can be hung in the nursery, or preserved in a baby book. 

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